Pictures exhibition of 1st in 2nd art colony PRAVINO ART APARTMA KOG (8.11.2012)

On thursday, 8.11.2012, an exhibition of art work created during the 1st and 2nd art colony was held. The exhibition was visited by a numerous visitors who chatted with the artists late into the night.



dr. Danilo Tűrk - President of the Republic of Slovenia (18.8.2012)

Art colony was also visited by the President of the Republic of Slovenia, dr. Danilo Tűrk. He enjoyed the exhibition of art created during the art colony.


2nd art colony PRAVINO ART APARTMA KOG 2012 (15.8.-19.8.2012)

In this year's art colony 7 artists, art teachers and academic painters, were participating. Painter friends (Jože Fortin, Bogomir Jurtela, Zmago Kovač, Ervin Kralj, Franc Simonič, Peter Vernik, and Bojan Obrčkal) came to Kog, because the surrounding landscape offers endless inspiration for artistic creation.



Ivo Mojzer at Kog (4.5.2012)

"V srcu večno mlad" is the title of Ivo Mojzer's CD which was premiere presented in Apartment Kog. Among other famous guests were also Rok Ferengja and Rudi Šantl.


Ivo Mojzer at Kog (27.11.2010)

A legend of slovenian popular music, Ivo, Mojzer, used our common area for the representation of his latest project, CD titled "Moje najlepše".



Vino ART 2010 Kog (12.8. - 14.8.2010)

During the "Dnevi turizma in vina na Kogu" event we hosted the gathering of five painters (Obrčkal, Simonič, Samastur, Fortin, Jurtela). Our basement, which is used as a common area was used for a well visited display of art works.


Katarina Kresal (3.8.2010)

The current minister of intertior affairs, also the president of one of the political parties (Liberal Democracy of Slovenia - LDS) has visited our suite.